A few words about our laminates :

All fiberglass components are hand laminated, utilizing skilled, experienced operators to achieve the optimum resin-to-glass ratio for each specified substrate.

Our products are often equipped with in additionally laminated or fitted metal or plastic elements which are fulfilling the structural objective (e.g. laminated profiles, try squares, nets or aluminium plates) or as the equipment: hinges, railing, locks, door handles, windows, gaskets etc.

In the production we are exploiting also a technique sandwich that is laminated plates or slats from polyurethane foams and Coremat.

As we have approvals PRS , DNV GL, LR and ABS our products are meeting the highest quality norms.

Fiberglass laminate - our products :

- boats
- casings of machines and trailers
- small technical elements

Please let us know about your needs and we can meet them.

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